The kitchen is not only the place where we store and prepare food, it’s a heart of our homes where we invite friends and family, where we make a delicious cup of tea or raise a glass to celebrate, where we sing along the radio when making a delightful meal or occasionally argue over burnt toast.

A kitchen is a place where real life is transpiring. That is why our kitchen should be planed around who we are and what we desire.

Here at Frain London, we specialise in designing, handmaking and installing superb quality classic and contemporary bespoke kitchens at surprisingly affordable prices. Our talented team of experts will provide excellent service and accurately design every detail of your dream kitchen.

We offer a wide range of different styles, colours, materials, shapes and sizes to be able to offer you the flexibility when designing the kitchen of your dreams and individual needs.

Whether you have a vision, or you don’t, we are here to help and to guide.

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